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I write nonfiction brand, marketing and small business books and eGuides. I hope you'll consider purchasing one or more of my titles. Click the banners and you'll be directed to the appropriate site. I appreciate your consideration!

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World War Brands
World War II and the Rise of the Modern American Brand
This unique book takes a fresh look at the impact of World War II on America from a marketing perspective.

In this book you'll learn:

  • How Coca-Cola, Disney and other great American brands played an integral role in World War II

  • Why some American brands chose to do business with Nazi Germany

  • How television influenced the rise of the modern American brand

  • Plus, see 38 vintage ads that reflect the wartime economy.

History and brand buffs alike will be enthralled by WORLD WAR BRANDS!
Boomer Brand Winners & Losers
156 Best & Worst Brands of the 50s and 60s

This remarkable book features fascinating stories of 156 best and worst brands of the Boomer era. Brand categories include television, cereal, soft drinks, snack foods, toys and games, health and beauty, automobiles, fast food, rock 'n' roll, revolution, environment, technology and movies. Relive the days of Cap’n Crunch and Cocoa Puffs, E-Z Pop and Pop-Tarts, cap guns and comic books. Recall the time when automobiles ruled the road and a transistor radio was “advanced technology.” Learn how television played a key role in brand advertising. Discover which brands blossomed and which were a bust. Boomer Brand Winners & Losers is a wondrous walk down Memory Lane!


Boomer Brands
Iconic Brands that Shaped Our Childhood

Boomer Brands: Iconic Brands that Shaped Our Childhood is a unique book that celebrates the brands of the 50s and 60s. It covers cereal, soft drink, snack food, fast food, toy, car, beauty brands and more, as well as rock ‘n’ roll, protest and environmental brands. Boomers will gain rare insight into how iconic brands shaped their childhood and have a lasting impact on their life. 

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Let's Make Money, Honey
The Couple's Guide to Starting a Service Business
This how-to guide covers planning, financing, outfitting, and launching a service business, as well as operations, marketing, sales, customer service, and managing growth. Let’s Make Money, Honey is a must-read for Boomer couples, especially those exploring encore careers.

123 eGuides

123 eGuides are a series of authoritative marketing and small business guides published exclusively in electronic format to provide maximum value at minimum cost. Each 123 eGuide is intended to provide a functional overview rather than a detailed roadmap and always includes additional resources if the reader wants to learn more. 
Titles include: Branding 123, Low Cost-No Cost Marketing 123;
B2B Marketing 123; Product Launch 123; Sales Leads 123; On Your Own 123

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